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I have heard from him several times during the past week.  I have heard about how we should be best friends who go to lunch on sunday and watch movies together.  We’ll touch on that lunacy another day. 

Yesterday I received a text message that read “It (my shortness on the phone) wasn’t appriciated” Needless to say there was no responding to that.  About 10 minutes later I get another message reading “why were u mean to me r u still mad at me for something?” 

Am I still mad????? AM I STILL MAD????? Oh no, no, no, no, no, schmoopy of course I’m not mad I was only forced to uproot my whole life to escape constant turmoil and abuse from you, but my golly that was A WHOLE 9 DAYS AGO ALREADY. 

What an absolute douchebag.

And since I refused to respond to him, the rest of this post will serve as my response.

Yes mother fucker I’m mad.

I’m infuriated that you lead me on for 6 months, waiting until I moved in with you to turn into your ugly, lazy, evil, brutish, selfish, ignorant, self.

I’m mad that though you now want to be bosom buddies I have not received a single fucking apology for all the things that were spewed at me for all that time (not that it would ever make me be your friend even if you did) 

I am mad that you are probably playing the victim and telling everyone you know that your girlfriend just packed up and left you one day and you have no idea why.  Oh woe is me.

I hate that you think that I would be so stupid as to continue any form of a relationship with you when you put me through hell and changed my entire outlook on life  for the worse. 

I’m pissed that you make me feel like I’m crazy on a regular basis.

I’m annoyed with your mind games and control tactics.

I’m furious that I ever loved you.

I’m mad that I put up with you for as long as I did and that  I tried to give you the benefit of the doubt.

It makes me sick that you cry to everyone who will listen that you miss your kids and never get to see them because your ex is a “cuntbag” and yet you have done NOTHING to set up visitation and on the rare occasions she would let them visit, you slept the entire time leaving me to entertain them.  THEN when they would want me instead of you, you got pissed.  All I can say is hahahahahaha.  And also, those girls are precious and I will miss them terribly but what hurts even more is knowing how much you and your ex fucked up their heads and their lives.

In summary, you are a lazy, lethargic, apathetic, abusing, whining, selfish, ignorant, controlling, evil, demented, idiot of a loser who is also a deadbeat dad. 

So yes Dan, It turns out I’m still just a wee bit mad.


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