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Earlier in the week “Psychology Today” posted a series of articles about domestic abuse.  I highly recommend them.  Even if you’ve never been in an abusive relationship yourself, the first article tells you some of the common signs to look for in the beginning of a relationship; things we often overlook in that blissful phase when a relationship is still fresh and new.  I’m not posting this  to intimidate, I’m not the type who thinks every man (or woman) is an abuser, I just find that I wish I would have had more knowledge about the subject because knowledge is power!  And if I can help even one person be proactive rather than reactive and avoid a situation like the one I experienced, well, nothing would make me happier.

p.s. I know not many have read this blog yet, but if you stumble across it I would love for you to comment!  I don’t care what you post, be it a critique of my blogging abilities (or lack thereof), a question about myself, or your own personal experience with abuse, or anything else you can think of, don’t hesitate!


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